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Snow Machines
for commercial and private SPA Centers


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Why snow is better than ice

-0.5 С°
Melts faster than snow, and when melted turns into water, then eventually gets water with ice
Ices over
To use ice, first you must remove the shell of ice. That's lost time, reduce the desired contrast temperatures
Injuries skin
Wet skin is very sensitive, and it may be unpleasant to rub it with frozen hard ice
Long retains a "qualitative" appearance and structure. Then melted snow first loses volume but still stays wet snow
-10 С°
It's nice to use even melted snow. You can wipe, fall down into a snowdrift or play snowballs
Stay soft
Cooling without trauma of the skin - pleasure without compromise
Soft Light Cold

About the benefits of snow

Gives a powerful charge of energy due to the temperature difference
Rejuvenates by stimulating the production of collagen and elastin
Relieves stress by producing endorphins - happiness hormones
Promotes weight loss by accelerating blood flow

Advantages for owners of SPA-Wellness centers and Sauna

To engage new clients

The installation of a snow machine will definitely attract the attention of lovers of steam. Many people like to plunge into the snow after a hot sauna or a steam room, but now they don’t have to wait for winter and hope for the weather.


"Cheer Up" old clients

The appearance of such a new contrast treatment is a great reason to remind yourself of old customers.


Saving on the cost of rent

Our snow machine is very compact. Just install it above the ceiling, and let the snow is falling down to a snow basin or a floor


Saving on operating costs

Snow remains snowy for a long time. You do not need to refresh it as often as ice.


Operating without downtime and dissatisfied customers

We solve most of technical problems very fast. Just call to our hot line. And your business will not stand idle and incur losses due to protracted repairs. So, you do not have to frustrate customers with a non-working snow machine.


Which snow machine is right for you?

Answer a few questions and we will find a needed model

More about our equipment

The compact (all in one) machine for on ceiling or niche installation. The snow machine is completely filled up by the cooling gas and ready to work. The installation work can be made by any person without special refrigerant knowledges


Snow temperature minus 10 С°
Capacity 30-40/50-60 litres of snow / hour
Electric Power 1,5 kW
Dimensions (W x L x H): MONO 60 ? 75 ? 40 cm;
SLIM 50 ? 50 ? 80 cm
Dry weight 80 kg
Cooling Type water cooling
Power supply 1 x 230V/AC
The system consists of a Freezing Unit and a Condenser. It is ready for installation, but wasn't filled up by a cooling gas. The installation works should be done by a refrigeration systems technician.


Snow temperature minus 10 С°
Capacity 30-40/50-60 litres of snow / hour
Electric Power 1,5 kW
dimensions (W x L x H): Freezing Unit / Condenser 40 ? 60 ? 40 cm / 40 ? 23 ? 40 cm
Dry weight 80 kg
Cooling Type water cooling
Power supply 1 x 230V/AC
Nordic Line
Nordic Line
The ready to self-installation stand alone system for those owner who doesn't want to make any construction work. And can be installed directly next to the sauna or steam bath. The model is prepared but not covered by any coating.


Snow temperature minus 10 С°
Capacity 30-40 litres of snow / hour
Electric Power 1,5 kW
dimensions (W x L x H): 85 ? 65 ? 165 cm
Dry weight 95 kg
Finishing Ceramic tiles, mosaic, RoHol wood paneling
Cooling Type water cooling
Power supply 1 x 230V/AC

Why is our snow machine better?

Attractive price

Our snow machine is nearly 2 times cheaper than the same German made snow machine.

Good quality

All the components are passed a quality control. The same as we do post-mortem analysis to make our products better.

Working fast

The production time is up to 3 weeks. Needs faster - Call to discuss!


Adopted for installation in small niches or under the ceiling. And do not require an additional technical room.

Produced for long term use

All parts of the snow machine were developed with an additional margin of durability. We learn an every technical report or a claim of our customers and then work hard to avoid the same problem in future.

Seeing is believing

Visit our showroom to make sure all over themselves!

We can try to convince you all the time to declare that our snow machine is the best choice, and snow is better than ice, but seeing once is better than hearing twice.

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TECHNOSNEG Company — manufacturer and distributor of equipment for SPA and Wellness-centers. We are one of the first company that has began to offer a very innovative product that was developed for professional people in SPA industry.

TECHNOSNEG company develops a wide range of equipment for saunas, steam baths, Wellness and Spa resorts. This equipment helps:
Visitors and guests — fine rest and maintain health
Owners — attract customers, save costs and increase profits.




Not convinced that the snow machine - is what you need? Take a look at our ice machines.

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